1. Appropriate your diet

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One of the key essentials to avoiding brain cancer is what you put into your body. You want to manage to get enough cancer fighting nutrients as possible into your diet.
Consuming vegetables and herbs equip the brain with antioxidants.  These antioxidants are very significant due to their ability to help fight scavenging free radicals, swelling to the brain, and stopping the cancerous cells from communicating and spreading together.


There are many foods you can fit into your daily diet which will prevent you from gaining brain cancer, or help your body fight it. This list includes basil, thyme, oregano, ginger, turmeric and green leafy vegetables.


  1. Plenty of rest

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The health of your brain can be improved greatly by managing to get the appropriate amount of shut eye daily. Lack of sleep or “sleep deprivation” upsets the natural steps of the glymphatic system, this then affects the cognitive function. If you have been diagnosed with brain cancer and have recently undergone chemotherapy this is especially important as sleeping allows your body to repair the damages cells by restoring their damaged tissue.


  1. Cut down use of mobile devices

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    Studies show that there is a link between the electromagnetic field of mobile phones and brain cancer according to the findings of WHO (the World Health Organization) & (IARC) International Agency for Research on Cancer. As their study shows that individuals with brain tumors can see their chances of survival decreased with over-exposure to mobile phones.

In present dates, for many people the exclusion of mobile phone use isn’t an option due to their occupation and lifestyle. There is some simple changes you can makes to help minimise the use of the device.


  • Instead of talking, text
  • Increase use of the speakerphone
  • Try and wait as long as possible before giving your child a mobile
  • Turn off wireless devices whenever you have the chance, limit use in the bedroom and don’t sleep with an active phone near your head
  • Only talk when the signal to the phone is strong
  1. Find out your family’s medical history

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If members of your family have had a history of being diagnosed with brain cancer, then you have an increased chance to also develop similar problems. If you are aware and have detailed records of your families medical history. With this medical history you can go to cancer treatment specialists such as The LOC and be tested for potential threats, where anything can be treated before it becomes a serious problem. Although no more than 10% of cancers are hereditary, why take the chance?


  1. Exercise when possible

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Regular exercising on a daily basis is key to preventing a lot of potential problems that you can have within your body and brain cancer is no exclusion from this. As a healthy body can minimise your chances of developing brain tumours.

By aiming to walk 10,000 steps a day (equal to around 5 miles of walking) every 24 hours can be enough to keep your metabolism at a good performing rate. One way of keeping track of this is to use a pedometer which counts all your steps.


Apart from this, any form of exercise is beneficial to the body for fighting cancer. By taking part in sports such as swimming, tennis, football and cycling you’ll be able to gain hours of exercise without giving up or getting bored.