Alternatives to Accupuncture

With the recent news that the NHS is no longer going to consider Acupuncture as a valid treatment for lower back pain, you might be wondering what other treatments are out there that can be a valid alternative. Let’s take a look.

Back pain affects roughly 10% of the UK population so finding a help a big chunk of people with chronic pain problems could prove to be a little difficult. We’re quite lucky though in that we have a wide selection of treatments¬†out there to help with back pain. Here are some you might not know about and how they can act as a good alternative to acupuncture.


A bit like the transition from vinyl to CD, a sonopuncture treatment ditches the needles in favour of an ultrasound beam to penetrate the skin and provide the same level of stimulation. There has been a growing prevalence for this treatment in China in recent years with more patients who are deemed overweight not being able to get the benefits of regular acupuncture needles and using this instead.


A distant cousin of acupuncture, acupressure is the same principal in action but is carried out using the hands or a blunt instrument. Those who are proponents of this treatment do claim that it is quite limited compared to using needles as it can’t get in to muscles as deeply and requires a therapist applying almost an uncomfortable level of pressure in to select areas of the body.

Chiropractic mobilisation


Helping take a lot of pressure off the back does involve some form of manipulation and that’s something that a certified chiropractor can do very well. If you search for “chiropractors near me” online, you’ll find local clinics that perform this low-intensity mobility technique that isn’t commonly advertised.

A lot of back problems can arise by unknowingly letting the body be quite lazy, so moving our joints and getting our muscles to wake up can help a lot to combat back pain. Chiropractic mobilisation is a low intensity way to doing this, with Spinal manipulation a more intense version where arms and legs are pulled sharply to realign the spine.

Deep tissue massage

Most people with back pain have short term back pain. Although it might seem like it has been lingering for a long term, it is not ¬†classified as a chronic problem. When that’s the case, your best bet is to find a local sports massage therapist and get them to go deep on ironing out your back.

A lot of lower back pain is caused from fascia that is incredibly tight when it should be loose. People who don’t stretch properly when working out or doing a lot of intensive sport will be prone to fascia tears. If you can’t afford a deep tissue massage there’s no need to worry; you can always buy a cheap foam roller online.


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