Types of Eastern Medicine

Time for a little crash course in Eastern medicine.

Ask someone to name a type of Eastern medicine and they’ll probably┬áreply with something like:

Ammm..acupuncture? Or some sort of herbal thing?

While they’d be true to an extent, there is more to this area of medicine than just a few needles and some herbs. Eastern medicine is based on a principles that are dictated from the elements and signifiers in our appearance that can be a sign of imbalance:

Getting to know what types of treatments make up this world is medicine is quite useful. That’s why I’ve decided to list some of them for you. Let’s start with the big one shall we?


Inserting very fine needles in to different points of the body, acupuncture aims to alleviate stress and pain from problem areas. By applying enough pressure that doesn’t cause too much discomfort, the needles aim to get all your Zang Fu organs (the heart, lungs, kidney etc) to channel energy effectively and get your body in a harmonious state again

Qi Gong

So Qi is the energy that moves through your body and when that is out of whack, so will everything else. Getting everything to be ok involves carrying out Qi Gong. It is an evolving form of treatment as it is based entirely on movement and new forms to use are always being created.

It works a little bit like yoga in that you’re trying to get your body to be as focussed as possible, which in turn will help your mind become more focussed too. While there is no real proof that is has clear to see physical benefits, some claim that the level of focus and calm it can create is a great stress reliever.

Herbal Medicine

When you walk past a Chinese medicine shop on the street, you’ll be taken aback by the smell coming from inside. That’s because it has more herbs than you’ll find in a supermarket aisle.

Herbs play a massive part in the treatment procss. The Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine (RCHM) here in the UK believes that with correct use herbal medicine can help with a range of problems including:

  • Eczema & Acne
  • Hepatitis
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Asthma & Bronchitis
  • Urinary problems

Tongue diagnosis

Now having someone being able to tell you what might be wrong simply by looking at your tongue might sound silly, but when you remember that one of the first things a doctor will tell you do to is stick your tongue out and say “Ahh”, having your tongue diagnosed makes at least some sense.

A Chinese doctor might get up close and personal with your tongue as they like to inspect it by look, touch, smell and even listening to it as you breath. By gauging the tongue’s size and how it is coated, its supposedly a good way of figuring out your Qi and whether you’ve got everything from a digestive disorder to a previously unknown allergy.

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